Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Streetcar Named LRT Disaster

In 2004 they approved a 4.7 billion dollar project to add 6 new light rail lines.  The voters agreed to a 0.4% sales tax.  The cost has risen to 6.5 billion and today only 1 track is being built.  Tax revenues are now estimated at less than half of what was forecast, and the result is a funding shortfall of 2.4 billion dollars.  They are considering another 0.4% sales tax to 0.8% (almost 1%).  Tax payers are enraged. 

The operating costs have risen so dramatically to pay for their LRT, that the fare structure has been increased to a level so high that ridership has plummeted.  The taxpayers will have to pay the difference.
The low income people can't afford to use it.  Another LRT disaster.

The City of Ottawa extolled the virtues of the Portland system, and wanted to replicated it here in Ottawa.  The Portland LRT system receives only 15% of the operating costs from the fare box.  The remaining 85% is the taxpayers cross to bear.

Their LRT system under construction is swamped in cost overruns with the Siemens Corporation. 

LRT is a giant HOAX which makes contractors rich and taxpayers poor.  It’s a money pit.

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