Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Business Community All Candidates Meeting sponsored by the Ottawa Business News

There will be no debate today merely another in a long line of 30 second sound bites - with no substance.

What can I say that has not already been said and been ignored by the press

As a result most Citizens never hear my message
I am the only one who has presented a series of visions to enhance our community.

1 The redevelopment of the Prince of Wales Bridge to remove trucks from King Edward and to remove the STO Gatineau buses from Rideau and Wellington.

2 A low level control dam at the Des Chenes Rapids to allow a parkway connection to the lower
Alymer Road
, An opportunity to create electricity, a water reservoir, and a method of keeping safe water levels in Lac Des Chenes.

3 Incineration of all garbage and the production of electricity.

4.  Immediate expansion of the Bus Rapid Transit system to the outer parts of the City- with a BRT Tunnel – however with the LRT system no expansion for 10 years.

5 Second Greenbelt

All of these are substantial footsteps to a better Ottawa.  All contribute to the quality of our lives and would encourage tourism and further future innovation for city planning.

A vote for Haydon is not a vote for someone new.  It is a vote for someone proven to be, for the citizens, and with the citizens.

I am not in this race for fame, nor am I here as a stepping stone from one elite political post to another

I came out of retirement as I felt I had a message for the people of Ottawa and the ability to improve the quality of everyone’s life while at the same time set the cornerstones for a pay as you go system of financial responsibility.

I am the only candidate who is here for nothing other than what I can do for you.  As I have done in the past.

Choosing LRT is many times worse than the dysfunctional Amalgamation

Will history repeat itself in Ottawa with Streetcars – LRT?
A guaranteed calamity!
It’s up to you.

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