Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thank You for your Support

First and formost, Congratulations to Jim Watson for a well run Campaign and for becoming our next Mayor.  Jim is very desering of this victory and has my utmost support as he leads our city into the next four years.

I would like to congratulate all the other Mayoral Candidates who put their names forward for consideration.  It's important to remember that their participation is what keeps our democracy alive.

Thank you to all who supported me.  Because of you I feel my ideas and visions may be considered by the new city counsel.  For your viewing, below is an interview held on election night by Rogers 22.
Andy Haydon

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Election Day Thoughts

Tomorrow I am asking for your vote.  I would like to see Ottawa pay off its debt and develop a pay as you go policy.
Below is a comment made by someone on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Constructing a low dam/wier and a causeway/bridge by the Deschenes Rapids using material excavated from the transit tunnel is an excellent idea. Stabilizing the level of Lac Deschenes, generating power, providing a road connection - great multiple benefits. This would also be great for cyclists as it would connect pathways on both sides of the Ottawa River.

The issue of waste management and landfill is a major issue. Using modern techniques to generate energy from waste is another excellent idea. A google search of this topic will show that it is becoming more common place in Europe. There appears to be several technologies being used, one of which is being pioneered at the Trail Road Site.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Children At Risk

This blog is not about elections but about children at risk. There are so many children with Autism Spectrum Disorders that need support in their homes.  The younger these children are helped the better the results.
Along with many other businesses, press and candidates running in this election, I was asked to carve a pumpkin. 
I did so.  Then I realized I was supposed to also give something to auction off  and I will do better next year.  This is all good to raise money for these children.  Please go to www.childrenatrisk.ca  to see all the different pumpkins that have been carved and the attached gifts.  Some of these pumpkins are spectacular and some have wonderful gifts attached.  Please put in a bid.
It doesn’t matter who’s pumpkin you choose, it matters that you offered a bid.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Remember This Before you Vote

CFRA, On Sept.17th, interviewed Erin Kelly, the Executive Director for the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce.
When talking about the plan to take 30 years to build the transit plan, she stated “ The system needs to be available to where people live and our fear is if we don’t accelerate the expansion East & West, the people won’t use the system”.  She also said that her fear is that the ridership will go down because of having to transfer and in fact, take more traveling time.
The first phase of the Watson, O’Brien transit system is going to take at least 10 years and use up all the money.  There will be no money for going East and West.

She also said, when asked about the NCC allowing Tram Cars on the parkway, she said “it’s a vital question to be asking.  What we are basically saying is if you don’t have that answer, going ahead & building the first part of the transit system when you don’t know what comes next – she paused – its vital to have that answer.
I ask you – do you think the NCC will allow tracks and the ugly overhead wires on the Parkway?

Gord Hunter supports Andy Haydon

Statement from Gord Hunter, outgoing Councillor for Knoxdale-Merivale Ward

At the start of the municipal election campaign I expected that I would not take sides favouring one mayoral candidate or another.  With several days to go until voting day I am getting off the fence. All polls seem to indicate that the race is decided and Jim Watson will emerge as the winner.
Now is the time for all who are concerned about the light rail short line and expensive tunnel to speak with their votes and send a strong message opposing the $2 Billion project by casting a vote for Andy Haydon.
The LRT project from Tunney’s Pasture to Blair does not come close to meeting the needs or providing better service for our commuting transit users. The forced transfers for thousands daily at these two stations and Hurdman as well as the loss of express bus service will be a major step backwards for transit service in Ottawa. The disruption to bus service and to local streets during the several years of construction will only add to the commuters’ woes. The Haydon BRT proposal avoids all these problems.
There is also an ‘elephant in the room’ with the LRT tunnel project: financing. The BRT tunnel project is estimated in today’s dollars to be $841Million less expensive than the LRT proposal. The debt servicing charges for LRT will leave the city with no money for other capital works for many years to come. Either that or we’ll face a series of large tax increases to pay for the debt. The panel of experts that ‘peer reviewed’ the LRT proposal expressed surprise that there had been no cost benefit analysis done. It still has not been done.
Andy Haydon is considered a long shot in this election. Jim Watson seems to have it in the bag. Votes for Mr. Haydon will tell the new council that there are many in the public who do not accept the line that Ottawa needs an expensive LRT tunnel. By voting for Andy Haydon we can tell Jim Watson and the new council to abandon the expensive service-deficient idea that the outgoing mayor has been promoting.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

CNN: Debt is Slavery!

How timely of CNN.  I encourage you to watch the video link below as CNN discusses the ramifications of debt.  This as our city is over 1 BILLION dollars in debt and about to go a further BILLION in debt.

Are we becoming slaves to debt as well?

Roger's TV Debate

My decision to run was made based on facts!
 I felt I had a duty to deliver these facts to the taxpayers. 
Mr. O’Brien chose to ignore them and Mr. Watson chose to dismiss them as he felt it was not what the people “wanted” to hear.
I presented a vision for the future of Ottawa:
- a second greenbelt
- diverting trucks off
King Edward Ave
- taking the Gatineau bus system off Rideau and Wellington;
- Garbage incineration with the production of electricity; and
- saving billions of dollars by eliminating an un-necessary  and extravagant streetcar system.
I have pushed and pushed BTR so much so that today’s Ottawa Sun indicates 24 percent of the people now realize BRT is the only fiscally responsible solution!
I encourage you to think long and hard before jumping onto a fancy streetcar plan because it sounds like fun. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bruce Ricketts Letter

In 1983 I was a candidate in the Calgary municipal election.   One of the topics of conversation at the time was LRT service for the Northeast of the city.  The debate followed a much heralded introduction of LRT service to the southern parts of the city.  LRT was new, it was sexy, it was “proven” and we had more money than we knew what to do with. (The recession was about to hit but we did not care to notice.)

During the campaign I took a cautious view of the project, not because it was the safe thing to do but because it was the right thing to do. 

Much has been written in this 2010 Ottawa election about the efficiency and effectiveness of the Calgary LRT system and the experience of it has been used to sell the idea of an Ottawa LRT versus an expanded Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).   But is everything rosy in Calgary’s LRT-land?

A 2002 report to Calgary city council suggests there are alternatives.  In part the report states:

“Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is emerging in North and South America as a relatively low cost means of providing a faster, higher capacity, bus-based transit service along urban transportation corridors. Experience shows that BRT is attractive to urban travelers since it reduces transit travel times and provides frequent, high capacity service.”

The report goes on to say:

“…BRT passenger capacities will exceed conventional bus service and can approach LRT capabilities.”  and  “Capital and operating cost data indicate that Bus Rapid Transit applications are significantly less expensive to construct than LRT

Let me reinforce that these quotes are from a 2002 report to Calgary City Council, not from me or from Andy Hayden.  This report underscores that, even in a city with a successful LRT, the idea of BRT is not just tossed onto the rubbish bin.  Should not Ottawans have the choice?

Bruce Ricketts
613 292 1061

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Business Community All Candidates Meeting sponsored by the Ottawa Business News

There will be no debate today merely another in a long line of 30 second sound bites - with no substance.

What can I say that has not already been said and been ignored by the press

As a result most Citizens never hear my message
I am the only one who has presented a series of visions to enhance our community.

1 The redevelopment of the Prince of Wales Bridge to remove trucks from King Edward and to remove the STO Gatineau buses from Rideau and Wellington.

2 A low level control dam at the Des Chenes Rapids to allow a parkway connection to the lower
Alymer Road
, An opportunity to create electricity, a water reservoir, and a method of keeping safe water levels in Lac Des Chenes.

3 Incineration of all garbage and the production of electricity.

4.  Immediate expansion of the Bus Rapid Transit system to the outer parts of the City- with a BRT Tunnel – however with the LRT system no expansion for 10 years.

5 Second Greenbelt

All of these are substantial footsteps to a better Ottawa.  All contribute to the quality of our lives and would encourage tourism and further future innovation for city planning.

A vote for Haydon is not a vote for someone new.  It is a vote for someone proven to be, for the citizens, and with the citizens.

I am not in this race for fame, nor am I here as a stepping stone from one elite political post to another

I came out of retirement as I felt I had a message for the people of Ottawa and the ability to improve the quality of everyone’s life while at the same time set the cornerstones for a pay as you go system of financial responsibility.

I am the only candidate who is here for nothing other than what I can do for you.  As I have done in the past.

Choosing LRT is many times worse than the dysfunctional Amalgamation

Will history repeat itself in Ottawa with Streetcars – LRT?
A guaranteed calamity!
It’s up to you.

Monday, October 18, 2010

CJOH Intro Speech

Winston Churchill said that the greatest characteristic of a person is courage … the courage to tell the truth

The City debt in the past 4 years has tripled, an  increase of 300% to over 1 billion dollars.  O’Brien kept this from you.

Not only shocking but devastating to the taxpayers who must now pay 80 million dollars a year for this debt

Why didn’t Watson tell you this truth?
He now realizes that 2.5 is totally unattainable.

It takes courage to tell the truth

Watson blindly endorses O’Brien’s extravagant streetcar plan which requires yet, another billion dollars in borrowing.

Watson doesn’t have the courage to tell you this truth either.

The public has a right to know why Watson chooses streetcars instead of bus rapid transit.  He just refuses to debate me and deal with the truth.

Watson says taxes, transit, and trust, is his slogan,
Trust and truth …. Just a couple of meaningless words to him.

I will always tell you what you need to know – the Truth and The Facts.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Streetcar Named LRT Disaster

In 2004 they approved a 4.7 billion dollar project to add 6 new light rail lines.  The voters agreed to a 0.4% sales tax.  The cost has risen to 6.5 billion and today only 1 track is being built.  Tax revenues are now estimated at less than half of what was forecast, and the result is a funding shortfall of 2.4 billion dollars.  They are considering another 0.4% sales tax to 0.8% (almost 1%).  Tax payers are enraged. 

The operating costs have risen so dramatically to pay for their LRT, that the fare structure has been increased to a level so high that ridership has plummeted.  The taxpayers will have to pay the difference.
The low income people can't afford to use it.  Another LRT disaster.

The City of Ottawa extolled the virtues of the Portland system, and wanted to replicated it here in Ottawa.  The Portland LRT system receives only 15% of the operating costs from the fare box.  The remaining 85% is the taxpayers cross to bear.

Their LRT system under construction is swamped in cost overruns with the Siemens Corporation. 

LRT is a giant HOAX which makes contractors rich and taxpayers poor.  It’s a money pit.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Question from a Supporter

From a supporter - with permission
Your interview this morning on CBC was excellent. Never were you lacking with quantifiable responses with the exception of one of the last questions which you recall, dealt with getting your message out to the public.   Congratulations.
We have long supported you in your career and wish you the very best.
Can you not, or have you already challenged the other candidates, particularly Jim Watson to debate with you on light rail?  This is so very hard to understand when your information appears so very clear and well researched. Our community needs to be enlightened or at least more publically informed of the pros and cons.
Both Jim and I were disturbed that you were not included in the interviews we heard yesterday on CBC and unfortunately, I missed any explanation today.

I have repeatedly asked Jim Watson to debate 1 on 1 with me over this transportation issue.  He won't do it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Big Picture

Transit is not just one issue; it is the issue that underscores the need to make better and affordable decisions on behalf of current and future taxpayers.
Would you spend $6.6 billion to increase transit ridership by 7%?
Transit riders want fast, reliable, comfortable, environmentally friendly and affordable service and taxpayers – transit and non-transit users - want value for their dollar.
The City of Ottawa is about to embark on a phased 20-year $6.6 billion project to increase transit use in the nation’s capital by 7% between now and 2031.[1] The return on that investment of your taxes - be they federal, municipal or provincial, user fees or development charges - is a wasteful use of your hard-earned money.
What do we really need now – a $750 million investment or a $2.1 billion expense?
One of the major issues bus passengers experience are the delays and inconveniences experienced because of bus gridlock in the downtown core which has a domino affect on service throughout Ottawa.
There is no disagreement on the need for a tunnel to alleviate that congestion and improve service.  A bus tunnel constructed at a cost of $735 million will solve that problem and it will leave immediate options open to improve and extend the transitway east, south and west.
·         The construction of twin, single lane bus tunnels will improve the downtown flow which will improve the overall speed of the system.
·         A 10% increase in speed will result in an annual cost savings of $40 million;
·         180 fewer buses will be needed – another enormous saving
·         An improved transit system by 2015 with less disruption to transit users
·         It builds on a transit system that is rates as best in North America based on rides per capita by American and Canadian transit Professional Associations.
In October 2009, the City unveiled a plan in which it identified a capital funding requirement estimated at $6.6 billion for new transit infrastructure between 2010 and 2029.[2]  A total of $3.9 billion is required for transit improvements scheduled to take place between 2010 and 2019. The balance of the funding plan - $2.7 billion for 2019-2029 – has been identified but not refined.
The  comparisons on Street Car Rapid transit and Bus Rapid Transit are based on City of Ottawa financial data and reflect the net costs to the City - $849.3 million for street car vs. $8.3 million for bus.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Devastating Financial News - Media Advisory

Thursday, October 14, 2010 Merv Beckstead, former Chief Administration Officer of the City of Nepean and The Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton and David Muir, Chartered Accountant and Senior Member of the Ottawa Transition Board will provide some factual information that heretofore has been withheld from the public.

The floor will be opened for questions following their presentation.

WHAT:      News conference featuring Merv Beckstead and David Muir 
WHEN:     Thursday, October 14, 2010,
WHERE:    2nd floor ,
301 Moodie Drive, Nepean
– The Atrium Building

Notes for media:
There is ample parking

For further information: Sherry Franklin (613) 825 5550, sjcom@magma.ca

WARNING!! The True City Debt

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am amazed at Larry O’Brien statements on the Lowell Green Show that Ottawa is in excellent financial shape and that we have nothing to worry about.

He also said that he is proud of his financial accomplishments! ????

I have some devastating news for all of Ottawa.  We are not in good financial shape!

4 years ago we had a debt of 325 million dollars

During Larry’s 4 years of stewardship the net debt has risen to over one billion dollars.   
In just 4 years!!!

This is a tripling of debt - over 300% increase.

This is a tragic case of irresponsible and extravagant expenditures unmatched in Ottawa’s Municipal History – and this, from a man that espoused zero means zero.

The way the budget is written, he basically told the public that we have assets such as roads and sewers that we can sell to offset your debt.  How misleading, unethical, impossible, and false.

Jim Watson, must have known about this!  He was dealing with the City of Ottawa all the time, with Larry as mayor. 

 I found out – anyone could!
Mr. Watson has said NOTHING about this debt!  NOTHING!

I wonder is he trying to keep this information from the public, as has O’Brien.

Now there’s a conspiracy!!  Watson and O’Brien hiding a BILLION dollar debt.

This is what happens during elections where candidates think they can say anything.

This is completely disrespectful to the taxpayers.

How is O’Brien or Watson going to keep taxes down?  The re-payment, on this 1 Billion dollar debt alone, is 80 million a year.
And we thought our Hydro rates were out of sight! 

This is an enormous problem.  Where is the money going to come from?  Keep borrowing?

Mr. Watson is committed to borrowing another 1 or 2 billion dollars to destroy the existing successful bus transit way causing:
- 7 years of traffic chaos and gridlock,
- destroying transit ridership, and
- guaranteeing no transit expansion until after 2020.

Let’s just visualize 10 or more years later. 

- All the billions that the Federal and Provincial Government has given for Transit is gone. 
- The LRT is finally built between Tunney’s Pasture and Blair road.   
- The money is gone.
- We are still deeply in debt. 

People in Orleans and further East, People in Kanata and further West are going to be screaming for an extension of their LRT. 

Mr. Watson knows he can’t defend the plan, thus with his “comfortable lead” he refuses to discuss or debate the issue in any forum where the truth may come out.

The money given to us by the Federal and Provincial government was in 2009 dollars.  The value of a dollar in 2009 - is not worth a dollar 10 years later.  The gas tax will not be able to cover this discrepancy.

Watson is blindly following O’Brien’s street car plan called LRT.  As O’Brien said before, Watson has no specific or detailed knowledge of the LRT plan.  We all know he has given unqualified support for the plan which will result in a second 1 BILLION dollars of debt to complete this first small section.

Watson, at the Kanata meeting, eloquently and distinctly admitted that all future money will be devoted to LRT until after 2020. 
- No money for the homeless,
- No money for affordable housing –
Yet he recently stated that he would use the provincial uploading for these needy projects. 

Watson is not offering anything that is not being offered by anyone else. 

However, he has the innate ability to take nothing and make it sound like a great plan
How is he going to do this?  Borrow in order to keep his promise of no more than a 2.5% tax increase?

One would have expected Watson to jump all over O’Brien on the issue of out of control debt – as he did on tax increases.

Why did he not?  If elected, was he going to make a surprise announcement that “oh gosh!  we are in deep debt – just  like so many other politicians have done in the past, once elected.

In order to avoid the second billion dollar debt for the LRT proposal, this City has no option, but to choose BRT and Haydon is the only one who has that plan.

My proposal will ensure no cost to the taxpayer and no increase in debt.

In addition there would be over a billion dollars of transit funds available to extend Bus Rapid Transit system East, West, and South starting immediately.

I am the only candidate who can guarantee that the provincial uploaded funds will be used for the intended purpose – affordable housing.
– Unlike Watson.

According to the Citizen “Watson, has to date, delivered little except well worn clichés that have limited relevance to the taxpayers”

- I have a plan to solve the King Edward truck traffic problem.
- I have a plan to integrate the Gatineau bus system with ours over the old train bridge which will remove all Gatineau buses from downtown Ottawa.

What has Watson offered as his vision?

Do you remember Watson’s vision on Lansdown Park?  As Mayor he wanted to sell it to developers.  How about that for a vision?

The citizens of Ottawa need to know Watson’s reasons for
- Not disclosing the 1 BILLION dollar City debt; and
- Choosing to endorse O’Brien’s transit plan – other than the sound of the word train, is like the sound of music.

Unfortunately the music is the sound of your money rattling down the train drain

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Media Advisory – Andy Haydon to announce Devastating Financial News

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 Ottawa mayoral candidate Andy Haydon will be making an important announcement that will be devastating to the taxpayers of Ottawa.

The floor will be opened for questions following Andy’s presentation.

WHAT:                 News conference featuring Andy Haydon, Ottawa mayoral candidate 
WHEN:                Wednesday, October 13, 2010,
60 Baypointe Cres.
Nepean ON  K2G 6R1

Notes for media:
There is ample parking on the street

For further information: Sherry Franklin (613) 825 5550. sjcom@magma.ca

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

CTV News

Updated: Fri Oct. 08 2010 6:42:14 PM

America's largest public transit project was called off Thursday and the reasons for the cancellation are giving Ottawa's LRT critics more ammo.

The Trans Hudson Mass Transit Tunnel would have doubled rail capacity between New York and New Jersey.

The project was derailed after costs skyrocketed.
An estimate started off at $5 billion, now holds a price tag of $8.7 billion, and is estimated to rise to $14 billion.

New Jersey's governor called the whole thing off saying he could not allow taxpayers to foot the ballooning bill.

While the numbers in Ottawa are smaller, one mayoral candidate predicts a similar story. Clive Doucet is for light rail but against the downtown tunnel.

"Typically tunnels run, on average, 60 per cent over," says Doucet. "So, say it's budgeted $2.1 billion … you're looking at $3 billion."

Ottawa's proposed underground tunnel is 10 stories underground, 3.2 kilometres, and $735 million. The total cost for the project including the tunnel is $2.1 billon.

"From day one I've expressed concerns that I don't want this project to get out of hand," says mayoral candidate Jim Watson.

Watson says due diligence will keep taxpayers off the hook for any cost overruns. He says he would have a private sector board of management oversee construction to avoid the problem.

Ottawa mayor Larry O'Brien says he is confident the project will come in under budget, and Ottawa taxpayers have nothing to worry about.

"We're going to make sure we have a fixed price contract to move ahead."

With a report from CTV's Karen Soloman

My answer to the above CTV news

The tunnel costs are predictable because the tunnel is all in rock. Using the experience of tunneling in the Alps, the cost of the tunnel is predictable. 
The cost of the tunnel for Bus Rapid transit is considerablely less for BRT because the stations are shorter, the tunnel is not as deep and not as long.  As well, the tunnel does not need to be as high as LRT because LRT requires overhead wires in the ceiling.
It's the portion of the proposed LRT plan between Tunney's Pasture and Blair Road that will skyrocket and will result, even if we use the present estimated costs will result (even with the gas tax) in a requirement to borrow 1 Billion dollars.
BRT which only requires the tunnel is at no cost to the taxpayer.

Watson derailed LRT debate, Haydon says

“Have you challenged Watson right to his face?” Haydon was asked.
“How many times?”
“And what did he say?”
“Nothing? He didn’t say anything back?”

Haydon said he likes Watson as a person, but that he’s also the best and smoothest professional politician he’s ever known. Haydon’s use of the word “professional” before politician was not intended as a compliment. He said the people of Ottawa will come to regret it big time over the estimated-cost $2.1-billion LRT (and tunnel, although he’s not against it for BRT) that will wind up costing far more — even after government grants — and crushingly saddle present and future generations of city taxpayers.

Read Earl McRae’s complete article here:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

End of King Edward Traffic & Kettle Island Debate

In case you missed it:

Prince Of Wales Bridge is my third vision
My third vision is dealing with the bus AND TRUCK congestion from Quebec and the accident-inducing situation on King Edward.

A structural engineer has examined the Prince of Wales Bridge

1-     Only the piers need to be upgraded to meet earthquake standards

2-      The bridge can be cantilevered so that, in addition to the existing rail, additional traffic lanes can be built on either side of the tracks.

3-     This will provide a bus connection between the STO and Ottawa’s Bus Rapid Transit Network.

4-     A large transfer station will be constructed on LeBreton Flats to facilitate STO transfers.

The net result would be, STO buses presently using
Wellington Street
, in front of the parliament Buildings will be eliminated.

Gatineau and STO are building their Bus Rapid Transit network as I speak, and it will shortly be joining
Alexandre-Taché Blvd.
  From there it is but a short distance to the Prince of Wales Bridge.

My Global vision for this plan is:
1-    In the off peak hours the bridge can be used for the trucks that now use King Edward by joining highway 50 to the bridge.  Imagine no trucks on King Edward Ave.

2-     These trucks can initially be distributed onto
Scott Street
, eventually onto Somerset and then to the Queensway.
Perhaps, we don’t need a downstream bridge to Quebec, -- and the money saved by not doing the Kettle Island Bridge can be applied to the Prince of Wales Bridge update.

A Channel TV Debate

Great morning debate on A Channel.  Thanks to all who organized this event. 

I believe my message is beginning to be heard and understood.

A great way to start a beautiful fall day!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Andy's Vision for Ottawa's Future

I am here today to talk about my long range Vision for Ottawa.
I have a vision and a practical solution for the homeless. I’ll make it a public in the next week.

Leadership is all about having vision,

My first vision is BUS RAPID  TRANSIT
I have already been extolling my vision of the Bus Rapid Transit. Let me just say my vision will immediately save well over 1 billion dollars – perhaps 2 or 3 billion dollars for the taxpayers.

If we focus on just on the downtown Tunnel which will be built. …  What do we do with all the rock which is removed from the tunnel?

This leads to my second Vision for Ottawa.

Rather than paying to just remove that rock from the Bus Rapid Transit Tunnel, we can use it to build a low level dam on the Ottawa River.
This past summer clearly identified the effect of low water levels in the Ottawa River and a fantastic tourist and recreational asset was marginalized.

To my mind, a relatively low level dam across the Ottawa River, just below Britannia would provide a number of advantages.

1.                 Lac Deschenes would always be at a constant water level, thus facilitating the continued recreational and tourism benefits this waterway provides.

2.                 Some power generation is easily attainable which would result in a return on our investment – divided between Gatineau and Ottawa

3.                 A physical connection between the
Western Parkway
and the lower
Alymer Road
would then be easily accomplished.

4.                 Most importantly     this plan would result in a guaranteed reservoir of water for our Water Treatment Plant.   It appears that water levels are going to be continuing to lower due to climate change and this preventative measure is going to be essential for our future.

Once again – an investment in your community with fantastic financial returns.

Prince Of Wales Bridge is my third vision
My third vision is dealing with the bus AND TRUCK congestion from Quebec and the accident-inducing situation on King Edward.

A structural engineer has examined the Prince of Wales Bridge

1-     Only the piers need to be upgraded to meet earthquake standards

2-      The bridge can be cantilevered so that, in addition to the existing rail, additional traffic lanes can be built on either side of the tracks.

3-     This will provide a bus connection between the STO and Ottawa’s Bus Rapid Transit Network.

4-     A large transfer station will be constructed on LeBreton Flats to facilitate STO transfers.

The net result would be, STO buses presently using
Wellington Street
, in front of the parliament Buildings will be eliminated.

Gatineau and STO are building their Bus Rapid Transit network as I speak, and it will shortly be joining
Alexandre-Taché Blvd.
  From there it is but a short distance to the Prince of Wales Bridge.

My Global vision for this plan is:
1-    In the off peak hours the bridge can be used for the trucks that now use King Edward by joining highway 50 to the bridge.  Imagine no trucks on King Edward Ave.

2-     These trucks can initially be distributed onto
Scott Street
, eventually onto Somerset and then to the Queensway.
Perhaps, we don’t need a downstream bridge to Quebec, -- and the money saved by not doing the Kettle Island Bridge can be applied to the Prince of Wales Bridge update.
      My forth vision is for another Greenbelt

What is it that makes Ottawa different and attractive to the residents and visitors of Ottawa?  The Greenbelt and the Ottawa Canal!   Two of the most visionary projects in the history of our city!

I recommended, a Second greenbelt some years ago, not to constrain growth, but to build on the strength of what we have today.  I was told, I was ahead of my time – it was too expensive. But now the time has come.

My vision will join together a number of environmentally sensitive areas.  Between these areas land for future community usage, such as hospitals will be available.  This will prevent another Beaver Pond Travesty and land values never go down.

My next vision deals with Garbage and the Environment

While many people see solid waste as a problem, I see it as a valuable resource
1-     The incineration of garbage to produce electricity is the path of the future. 

2-     Countries throughout Europe are operating this technology very successfully.

3-     Ontario Power Generation and the Ontario Energy Board must be involved with the Ministry of the Environment to provide a reasonable rate for energy from waste Facilities such as incinerators.

The proliferation of garbage collection vehicles (green bin, paper, plastic, and regular garbage pick up) is causing more environmental damage than the advanced incineration and scrubbing technologically - giving emissions far below the Provincial Standards. 

What % of our recyclables is going to the landfill?  Good question? 

There is something very biased when electricity from solar power is paid 44.3  cents per kilowatt by Ontario Power Generation, while they pay only 6 cents per kilowatt for electricity from the incinerators in Ontario.  Peel is the only incinerator in Ontario – why can’t we have more??  Another good Question!              (Ontario Power Authority 1800 797 9674)

I intend to resolve this unfair and uncompetitive situation that works against the best interests of Ottawa taxpayers.

If generated electricity can receive 20 cents per kilowatt, for example, then the tipping fee, paid for by the taxpayer will be significantly reduced.  Perhaps even taken off the tax bill altogether.

We are going to be paid for the garbage – not charged for the garbage.

Respect for the taxpayer has always been my standard.

Randall Denley is right!
Watson “has delivered little except well worn ideas that have limited relevance to the lives of ordinary people”

You know his record on financial constraint:  There wasn’t any.

Do you remember Watson’s vision on Lansdowne Park?  As Mayor, He wanted to sell it to developers for housing.  How’s that for vision?

He vehemently opposed the tunnel.  He stated again and again his opposition.  Then he flip flops and now is all for it. Where’s the vision.

 Now he supports LRT but refuses to discuss it. Who do you think can stop the out of control spending that LRT will dump on all of us?

Vision is a wonderful word that politicians throw about as if they just discovered the term. In fact Vision is an ability to foresee and plan for future events. 
One only needs to view the record of Mr. Watson, or Mr. O’Brien to see their visionary abilities.  Mr. O’Brien goes out of his way at each and every debate to call me a man of the 80’s who is out of date with the realities of today.  Yet, in the next breath he would like to introduce a ring road.

A Ring Road
?  Where have I heard that before?  Oh Yea!  It was my idea back in the 80’s. 

Mr. Watson and Mr. O’Brien want a tunnel in Centertown!  Visionary?  Hardly!  Another idea I had back in the 80’s. 

I want to be your Mayor to set the foundation for a pay as you go system here in Ottawa. 

Please make Andy Haydon the right choice.