Wednesday, October 6, 2010

National Arts Center Debate

Great Debate last night at the NAC.  I just wish there was more time for the open debate part of the format.  It seemed like we just got into the meat of a subject in the open debate and time ran out.  This is where you, the voters, could have gotten a good look into the thought process of the candidates.

Larry tells us all that he wished he had the supper power to have others stop talking!  Telling isn't it!


  1. "Past his best-before date" - the most factual and honest statement of the night. Best before December 1, 1978!! Mr. Haydon, why not step aside and allow someone with vision, direction, and knowledge move us forward. Your BRT vision is dead in the water, and it too was best-before December 1, 1978.

  2. The only person that has given you more than just general ideas, is me. Look at my visions for the City blog. Ottawa needs something else besides generalizations and I have given it.