Sunday, October 3, 2010

Facebook Comment Worthy of Special Attention

A person posted questions on Facebook that deserve a response that everyone should be interested in.  Thus I am posting it here for all to view.

Facebook Comment:
Andy, I really think you're onto something with your public transit solution. We need to expand, refine and continue the bus system. Unfortunately, mass transit is only one of a few problems this city faces. I am greatly concerned as well... about our expensive, impractical and inefficient handling of garbage, and was delighted to hear you say on Lowell's program that you support the introduction of high-efficiency gas incineration in Ottawa. I have only read some of your blog entries - - have you addressed this here? Many acquaintances of mine are concerned about burgeoning landfills, expensive green boxes and the price of Hydro, which could be reduced by the use of energy generated from these furnaces. Could you speak about this problem here? I'll bet many would like to read about this solution that has been so successfully implemented in many European countries......

You are correct in how we should go with incineration. Incineration that produces electricity solves all kinds of problems. First of all why does Ontario Power Generation pay 60Cents per kilowatt for wind power and 45 cents per kilowatt for solar generated electricity and only pay 6 cents per kilowatt for electricity from incineration? There is obviously an unexplained bias at Ontario Hydro. I f properly structured the tipping for garbage would disappear and result in a significant tax reduction for all taxpayers -- maybe no cost.

I will be making a public announcement - re garbage - which will actually save tax dollars. If you don't hear about it in 10 days, please let me know.

As always your comments are welcome.

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