Monday, October 4, 2010

Debt and loss of Flexibiliy by a supporter

Hi Andy, Henry here. If the people of Ottawa do not vote you in we r in trouble. Just like Obrien said the other night you r old school to which u responded “and proud of it we were debt free”. Yes we need a tunnel no we do not need LRT. Yes it sounds sexy  but we cannot afford it . we have a pop. Of 1.2 million the project is going to cost 2.1 Billion. So guess who is going to pay for the up keep. This summer Otrain was shut down for 3 months HELLO anybody home. So the LRT brings u to Tunneys , EVERYBODY OFF. A bus is coming to take u the rest of the way. People think before u cast your ballot, Andy agrees with the tunnel but the rail it is not FLEXIBLE once the tracks r down that’s it , Ooops the tracks were there. Routes with busses r flexible

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