Sunday, October 3, 2010

Answering a previous question

There is no question that the LRT lobby is worried to death .. because the fat profits for LRT might vanish if BRT is chosen.
The Ottawa Citizen, the Ottawa Sun, and every member of Coucil has a copy of the BRT Business Case by McCormick Rankin who, by the way is at present a City of Ottawa Consultant. The importance o...f this document is that it clearly lays out the enormous Capital and Operating Costs for LRT as compared to BRT.
I have made all my references available on my website about "statements and myths vrs reality and facts " which the Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Sun all local newspapers and every menber of council has been given.
You might also check studies done by the United States Transportation Research Board.
LRT (Streetcars) with ugly overhead wires is a giant hoak that makes contractors rich and taxpayer poor.
Streetcars belong to the past steam engine era.

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