Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Beaver Pond

I am a very ardent supporter of conserving our unique areas. For example Petrie Island, Morris Island, Jock River Forest, Beryl Gaffney Park on the Rideau, and so on would not be saved were it not for my initiatives to acquire these treasures.
You may recall that I suggested a second Greenbelt some years ago. Mayor O'Brien has bankrupted the City and there is no money to acquire conservation areas, so the likelihood of Council spending and having to borrow up to 100 million is remote.
I am more than familiar with this area as I performed an in depth study on the Carp Hill, in which, I strongly recommended the NCC acquire it (There are three lakes up there the size of Dow's Lake.) I even showed them how to finance it. No response at all. I can tell you that if this outcrop was in Quebec, they would be falling all over themselves to buy it.
If Wilkinson's motion is approved - all well and good.
If not, the City should cease their needless delay tactics and work with the developer.

If elected I would have Dan Brumlor and Chris Bushy represent the City and residents to ensure that the project is done correctly. These two are not City employees, but have the sensitivity to guarantee a successful outcome. My response, above, is not designed that you should vote for me - I would give you the same response - whatever the circumstances may be. The bottom line is that I have an obligation to ensure the "Beaver Pond " is sustained as is.

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