Friday, October 1, 2010

Phil MacNeill

Although now residing in Edmonton, Alberta, I am a former resident of Ottawa, and was absolutely delighted to hear of Andy's entry into Ottawa's mayoralty race.  From 1978 - 1991, I recollect that he provided exceptional leadership as Chairman of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa -Carleton.  In the present circumstances it would seem that Andy's common sense style is desperately needed once again. 

Some media accounts are declaring that Andy entered the race too late to have any chance of winning on October 25, but based on his tenacious nature and past track record, only a fool would outright dismiss the possibility that he could pull off an electoral upset.  Between the shenanigans of the incumbent, Larry O'Brien and the overt opportunism of Jim Watson, Andy has more than enough political capital, political smarts and residual support from his previous political career to make a credible run up the middle and squeak out a win.  The outcome will largely depend on exactly how incensed and outraged Ottawa residents really are about the current state of their municipal affairs, and their final take on the alternatives to Mayor O'Brien.

At the very least, his re-entry onto the Ottawa political scene should add life and spice to the race for the mayor's chair, as Andy shoots straight from the hip and always says what he means and means what he says.  To many, he will no doubt stand out as refreshing option when measured against the current rag tag line up of alternatives.   

Every possible success to you Andy on October 25.  Knock 'em dead.


Phil MacNeill
Edmonton, Alberta  

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