Monday, October 18, 2010

CJOH Intro Speech

Winston Churchill said that the greatest characteristic of a person is courage … the courage to tell the truth

The City debt in the past 4 years has tripled, an  increase of 300% to over 1 billion dollars.  O’Brien kept this from you.

Not only shocking but devastating to the taxpayers who must now pay 80 million dollars a year for this debt

Why didn’t Watson tell you this truth?
He now realizes that 2.5 is totally unattainable.

It takes courage to tell the truth

Watson blindly endorses O’Brien’s extravagant streetcar plan which requires yet, another billion dollars in borrowing.

Watson doesn’t have the courage to tell you this truth either.

The public has a right to know why Watson chooses streetcars instead of bus rapid transit.  He just refuses to debate me and deal with the truth.

Watson says taxes, transit, and trust, is his slogan,
Trust and truth …. Just a couple of meaningless words to him.

I will always tell you what you need to know – the Truth and The Facts.

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