Thursday, October 21, 2010

Roger's TV Debate

My decision to run was made based on facts!
 I felt I had a duty to deliver these facts to the taxpayers. 
Mr. O’Brien chose to ignore them and Mr. Watson chose to dismiss them as he felt it was not what the people “wanted” to hear.
I presented a vision for the future of Ottawa:
- a second greenbelt
- diverting trucks off
King Edward Ave
- taking the Gatineau bus system off Rideau and Wellington;
- Garbage incineration with the production of electricity; and
- saving billions of dollars by eliminating an un-necessary  and extravagant streetcar system.
I have pushed and pushed BTR so much so that today’s Ottawa Sun indicates 24 percent of the people now realize BRT is the only fiscally responsible solution!
I encourage you to think long and hard before jumping onto a fancy streetcar plan because it sounds like fun. 

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