Saturday, October 16, 2010

Question from a Supporter

From a supporter - with permission
Your interview this morning on CBC was excellent. Never were you lacking with quantifiable responses with the exception of one of the last questions which you recall, dealt with getting your message out to the public.   Congratulations.
We have long supported you in your career and wish you the very best.
Can you not, or have you already challenged the other candidates, particularly Jim Watson to debate with you on light rail?  This is so very hard to understand when your information appears so very clear and well researched. Our community needs to be enlightened or at least more publically informed of the pros and cons.
Both Jim and I were disturbed that you were not included in the interviews we heard yesterday on CBC and unfortunately, I missed any explanation today.

I have repeatedly asked Jim Watson to debate 1 on 1 with me over this transportation issue.  He won't do it.


  1. Queens University Graduate of Engineering;.....Regional Chair, Ottawa Carleton;.....Mayor City of Nepean;.....Chairman of OC Transpo;.....Chairman of Nepean Police Commission;.....Extensive Private Sector Experience. In addition Andy you're a really nice guy.I heard a woman once say that she voted Liberal because she likes Liberty and another said she voted for Jim Watson because he's a shoe-in. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the support and humour.