Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Transitway and Light Rail Study

A transitway and Light Rail Study was conducted prior to the design and development of the Rapid Transit System that exists today.  This study called for a grade of not more than 3% to accommodate a future rail system if the need ever arose.  The decision to stay with buses was made for 2 reasons:
-         Cost; and
-         Flexibility.

At this point in the development of our transitway it’s important to note that there have been significant changes in design that enhance buses including Articulated buses and Guided buses.  These enhancements have allowed Ottawa to keep up with the increase in ridership while delivering an excellent and cost effective service.  All this leads me to conclude that in fact there is no need to convert to rail. 


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  2. I agree with the previous post. The transitway has been a complete failure. From 1986, before the majority of the transitway was operational, until now, there has been very little growth in bus ridership in comparison to the city's growth and the growth in car useage. Nearly twenty-five years of little to no growth. Also, was it not Mr. Haydon's government back in 1983 that said the transitway project was going to cost $100 million, and by 1985 it had ballooned to $400 million. Plus finally, was it not Mr. Haydon's government back in the early 1980's that decided to build the transitway from the outside in, thus creating the massive problems we now face downtown. I think Mr. Haydon has done enough damage to this city, and it is time for him to step aside to allow someone with some long term vision to direct us into the future.

  3. Mr Haydon - have you never walked down Albert and Slater street during rush hour? How on earth can you think that this system is sustainable if you have?

    There is no more room downtown for more buses. The only solution is digging under downtown and adding vehicles (four car trains) that can carry substantially more people than all those buses.

    Your system wasn't a complete failure and the fact that there is a right-of-way already in place will make conversion to LRT much easier.