Friday, September 17, 2010

The Infrastructure Levy – Using Common Sense

At the All Candidates Meeting in Kanata, Watson said he was opposed to the Capital Infrastructure Levy because it would mean he wouldn’t be able to keep his 2.5% tax levy promise. 

O’Brien said he supported the levy.

O'Brien supported the 2% levy in 2007 because, at that point in his tenure as Mayor, he had exhausted the reserves for construction projects (roads, bicycle paths etc...} In 2010, he took it out the levy and this resulted in the city borrowing 20 million dollars to do the necessary work for construction projects. 
The financial planning necessary to control taxes in the future cannot be done on a year-to-year basis.  Keeping taxes down in the short term is a tragic formula for future financial ruin.

For the record, I support the 2% Infrastructure Levy as I am committed to the objective of no more borrowing.

Anyone, representing the taxpayer knows that it’s the right thing to do Without question, becoming debt free is a worthy objective.
Andy Haydon

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