Sunday, September 12, 2010

Comments on the Sept. 12th Ottawa Citizen’s Column by Joanne Chianello

Haydon’s Comments on the Sept. 12th Ottawa Citizen’s Column by Joanne Chianello

Transit Commission Platform

On Feb. 8th 2007 I sent a memorandum recommending a Transit Commission to Larry O’Brien. Finally, he has accepted my point of view about the absolute need for a Transit Commission. He has missed it by a mile, however, by proposing more outside experts (Consultants?) as members of this Transit Commission. I have always proposed the Commission be composed of 6 or 8 Councillors plus the Mayor. Had this been in place three years ago, this disastrous, long bus strike might have been averted, particularly, in view of the fact that the Union agreed with my proposal. Therefore, of course, as elected Mayor I will immediately form a Commission.


As I said on the Lowell Green’s CFRA show, I have never sent a budget to council without having given it a full critical scrutiny by me. If elected I will continue this long standing and accepted policy. All mayors, I’ve known, do this.
Finally Larry O’Brien realized that he too will now do this. There is no new initiative here!


Mayor O’Brien declared that he wants voters to elect like minded Councillors so he can “Get the job done”. This is the worst possible scenario. Differences of opinions are the backbone of democracy and free speech.
I look forward to working with a diverse group of Councillors who will bring perspective to the table. A Mayor, who has leadership abilities, will welcome this.

Can you imagine 24 Charlotte Whittons??


  1. Hi Andrew,

    I (and probably a lot of Ottawa)need you to clarify your relationship with Watson. You apparently attended his campaign launch and your wife works for him.

    To me,this says that you support him and his policies. It appears as if you only motivation to run is to ensure Watson wins. I hope this is not your intent.

    Please get up on your soap box and clear the air on this. I feel you could win this election - but if you are a Watson supporter then you will not win.

    Ottawa and this province cannot survive under more Liberal idiocy.



  2. Hello Tony
    Thank you for your question and appreciate your concern.
    I submitted my bus rapid transit proposal to Larry O'Brien 3 years ago. He rejected those proposals. I put forth my data to both John Baird and Jim Watson, when Jim was Minister of Municipal Affairs. At that time I hoped he would see the economic sense of Bus Rapid Transit using a downtown tunnel. Both Sherry and I, at the time, were backing Jim as he appeared to be considering my proposal. I had no intention, at the time, of running for office. When Watson declared his intention to run for Mayor I continued again and again to have him see the light of day. After an extended period of time it became obvious that Mr. Watson had no interest in doing the right thing. It was at that time that I informed Sherry that I had to run for office as the public were being misled. I am a professional engineer. I don't play politics. The bottom line is, that after Watson decided to be ambivalent about transit and unable to make a decision, I had to run for Mayor. I have to stop the waste of 1.365 billion dollars for the Citizens of my City and give you a significantly better transit system.

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for the quick reply. I am happy to hear you are distancing yourself from Mr Watson.

    I have nothing personally against Mr Watson, but he is a McGinty Liberal and apparently happy to continue spending this province - and City - into oblivion. We despirately need a fiscal conservative with enough common sense to not spend what we don't have.

    I believe your Rapid Bus Transit (RBT) proposal is a winner and why other in the City don't see this is beyond me.

    If it is possible for you to state your past affiliation with Mr Watson publicly via(radio/newspaper) I would encourage you to do so. I am sure that if I have this concern then a lot of others also wonder about it.

    You have my vote and I hope you win.