Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hellenic Center Mayoral Debate

A great debate format and public function was held at the Hellenic Center today.  I would like to congratulate all who helped organize the event, and feel everyone had an opportunity to view the three Mayoral Candidates as a result of your efforts.

I know my bottom line issue, the only real issue of this campaign, is beginning to sound redundant.  At the cost of receiving negative press coverage for not introducing new and vibrant initiatives, my stance in this election is clear and steadfast.  Money!!!  Money I can save the taxpayers of this city and the money the other candidates would have us waste on a needless venture.

I will not promise what I can't deliver upon.  We have heard these promises before and you deserve better after the long 4 years we have just had to endure.

Unlike the other candidates, I will tell you where we can save money and together we can redirect it into much needed improvements to our city.

Today, AGAIN, I offered to meet Mr. Watson, face-to-face, anywhere of his choosing to debate the issues surrounding his new decision to support Trolley Cars over Bus Rapid Transit.  A fact against fact debate, I feel the citizens of this city deserve.

Again, notwithstanding his devotion to his position on Mr. O'Brien's LRT plan, Mr. Watson has given no indication of his willingness to debate the facts of this issue.

I would leave you all to ponder the following:  If Mr. Watson is so committed to LRT why won't he debate it solely on the facts?  If he is so sure 2.1 billion extra dollars are being well spent on this project, I would think he would like to justify that to the public.

Any Time!!! 
Mr. Watson the citizens you wish to represent await your response, or is this an indication of how you would lead this city? 
Or, Mr. Watson, are you reluctant to discuss your support of Mr. O'Brien's LRT plan because of something we don't know and you don't wish to tell us?

Below is a video of my opening remarks made at the Hellenic Center today and I invite everyone to view it.

Andy Haydon

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