Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Light Rail's Hoax

Future of the City of Ottawa  September 15, 2010

There are many important issues facing the future of the City of Ottawa.  The major issue facing us today is mass transit.

Most people think they are getting a subway system.  The proposal is linked streetcars with overhead wires.  Most of the time, only 2 linked cars would be used, not unlike articulated buses.  As for speed, even the City says they are equal. Are you aware that the future rapid transit buses look the same as the tramcars?

The federal and provincial governments will provide a total of 1.2 billion.  My position is simple: Ottawa taxpayers will lose because their money will be wasted on rail when buses will do the same thing for far less.

Bear in mind that the financial numbers provided by the City are in 2009 dollars. Already the streetcar proposal has grown from 2.1 to 2.4 billion - - another 300 million dollars!

Their plan is to use the gas tax to pay for all expenditures above the 1.2 billion,  a sum of 900 million,  which means that any transit expansion will be frozen for well over 10 years. 
If their plan results in cost overruns we are on the hook and  the city’s track record on costs is abysmal!

My bus rapid transit plan is at no cost to the taxpayer and the gas tax can be used for transit expansion.

Are you aware of the recent light rail messes in other North American cities? Look at Denver for example!

Both O’Brien and Watson support street cars.  My proposal has not been considered and I want you, the taxpayer, to make up your mind at the ballot box.  It’s your future.

Don’t believe the baloney that the 1.2 billion dollars can only be used for streetcars.  I have confirmed today that the money is for whatever the next council decides. 

Randle O’Toole, one of the world’s most respected transit experts says: 
“Light rail is a giant hoax that makes rail contractors rich and taxpayers poor.”

Folks, it’s your last chance!


  1. I read Mr O'Tooles article which the above quote was taken from. With the amount of factual evidence there is to the cost and ineffectiveness there is in LRT how can any rational minded person be in favor of LRT??

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