Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Risky Business

When it comes to buses breaking down, it is important that you compare them to similar occurrences in streetcars (LRT).

For example when a bus broke down in the Seattle Transit Tunnel it took a half an hour to extricate it, whereas it took 3 hours and forty minutes to do the same for a streetcar (LRT) - ironically it was towed out by a bus.

The frequency of breakdowns in high capacity buses is equal to that occurring in streetcars (LRT) according to the American Public Transit Association.

In such emergencies, if the down time is prolonged, buses can relocate on the surface.  Disabled rail vehicles shut down the whole system.  The death and serious injury statistics of LRT are so much higher than buses. The City of Denver is faced with over a billion dollars in extra expenditures to guarantee a so-called “fail-safe” software computer system designed to prevent one street car running into another even though they are using drivers. Yet, another enormous expense for which no finances have been budgeted. 

LRT is risky business!


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  2. Try placing a "siding" in a several kilometer fixed width tunnel.

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  4. My new post will be responding to your questions.

  5. Andy
    why is it that you dont have any posters in the East end of the city St Laurent blvd south or north. I woul like for you to send your team
    in this area WITH POSTERS
    You have lots of supporters in this area
    Mac Lal

  6. Hello
    Thank you so much for your email and support.
    We are not using lawn signs this election. This is a grass roots campaign. Please talk to your neighbours, friends and colleagues - become a "mobile" lawn sign. With your help we can solve a multitude of problems at City Hall and bring an end to the mess and chaos. Please visit our web site and our blog , facebook or twitter.